Teeth Whitening Options

Merrimack Smiles has multiple teeth whitening options that have been designed to fit all of our patient’s needs. Ask us what option would be best for you at your next appointment!

White For Life Program (available only to patients of Merrimack Smiles)

The white for life program was created to help our patients maintain their bright smiles year round.

As a participant in this life-time program you will receive:

  • Custom made whitening trays
  • Four (4) tubes of whitening agent
  • One (1) tube of whitening agent at each six (6) month re-care appointment for life.

In-office WhiteningFor the most complete and fastest whitening results our in-office whitening is the option for you. You will see noticeably whiter teeth immediately.

Custom made whitening trays for home use with a professional grade whitening gel.
  • Custom made whitening trays
  • Four (4) tubes of whitening agent: additional tubes of whitening agent can be purchased as needed

Professional grade whitening strips for home use.Similar to strips you can purchase over the counter except our strips are professional grade strength and include more strips so you can whiten quicker, more effectively and longer.

Dental Products We Sell.

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We carry a complete line of Oxy Fresh toothpaste and mouth rinses and gel in our office.

Oxyfresh’s gentle formula will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean without added dyes and alcohol.

PreviDent® toothpaste contains more than four times the fluoride of traditional over-the-counter toothpastes for superior cavity protection.

Mavala’s bitter yet harmless taste will effectively assist children to stop sucking their thumb or fingers and assist adults to stop nail biting and keep your nails and smile looking beautiful.