Our Services

From cosmetic dentistry to full-mouth rehabilitation, our practice is equipped to handle all of your dental needs. To help you understand more about our office, we have included brief descriptions of some of our most common services on this page.

Prostheses: Crowns (Caps), Bridges and Dentures (Fixed, Removable, Full and/or Partial)

There are two basic types of prostheses, each with their own subcategory depending on the patient and their needs. One type of prostheses is a fixed prostheses, which remains in your mouth at all times, and is supported by either your natural tooth, teeth or dental implants. Common fixed prostheses are crowns and bridges. The other type of prostheses is a removable prostheses, which can be removed from your mouth for cleaning, and is supported by either your natural teeth, resting on your gums where teeth are missing or dental implants. Common removable prostheses are complete dentures and partial dentures. Each of the various prostheses are fabricated in dental laboratories. We use only high-quality dental labs, located in the U.S.A. to provide our patients with the best treatment available. Both fixed and removable prostheses can be used to replace one missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or all teeth.

Prostheses are used to replace a/an missing tooth/teeth to help maintain the shape of your face, provide good chewing efficiency, alleviate the stress on your bite and provide great esthetics.

We are now a Veterans Choice Participating Provider. This program offers Veterans more health and dental options in their local community, instead of waiting for a VA appointment or traveling to a VA facility. If you have any questions or would like to learn whether or not you are eligible, you can call the VA at 1-866-606-8198 to determine eligibility.